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First, the Panto:

"Political Peregrinations and Plots"

Dramatis Personae:

Dodgy Dave

George Skint

Corb The Plain Speaker – A Man of the People

Citizens of London:-

Sergei, a Russian billionaire

Abdul, an Arab billionaire

Ying, a Chinese billionaire

Switch, a tax-evader

Banquo, a money-mover

Air Chief Marshal Bombsaway

Rear Admiral “Nuke'em” Glug-Glug

Chorus: Hard-working British Families.


            Next: The Arts and Satire

                        The New Waste Land:

'Ain't got no educashun,

Can't get no bleedin' work.....       Read more here!


                  Newly Discovered Poetry by:

William Worksworth:

'It must be lovely to be rich and well connected

With a titled Mum and Dad to pave your way.....

and Joseph Conlad:

'South East of Yezo Island,

Off the Delta of Sungka....     More of these astonishing verses here....


Should the Poet Laureate be 'The Poetess Laureate'?  A nasty critic says read some original verse by poetesses here.............


A Day in the Life of William Shakespeare

- and his Dog.

'In a small room sits a young man at a desk, writing.  His pen squeaks across page after page.  He writes as fast as he can dip the quill in the inkwell.....See how mightily he loves his dog, here...


          How Much Should New Writers Get Paid? 

If he's not selling well, should he get a special Struggling Writers' tax credit and children's allowance and housing?  Should he be awarded a bonus when sales are poor?  Or per thousand words? Should best-sellers be charitable to lousy-sellers?  Should he get a real job?

Or is there another way?  Writers! Read another idea here...


     The Latest Greatest Scary Movie is Coming!

             'Terminator 13 vs Germinator' 

                       read the reviews here...


Our Exclusive Interview with famed Turner Prize Winner Shane Frame can be read here.....


                                                Small Ads.

Martin Rand Travel announce their stunning:

'Tour of the Supermarkets of Hampshire!'

This guided tour of some of the supermarket highlights of Hampshire's charming county includes luxury coach travel and en-suite B&B aisle-side accommodation.  Book your space here...


New Celeb Magazine raising up a storm of support on Twitter.   Read 'PEEK!' here....


                      Books by John Problem

                         'The Bankers' Assassin'

      An International Thriller by John Problem

     Somebody is assassinating bankers and the law can't catch him.

                             read an excerpt here......


'The Search for Gabriella' 
 An art mystery set across time and place. an extract here.......


'The Fearless Four and the Messenger' 
 The four Fearless kids have lost their parents, but The Messenger is coming to help them.... an extract here....


'Disraeli's Gamble'
 The Abyssinian Emperor has imprisoned a British Consul.  Disraeli sends an army to rescue him - a true story.  (This is a screenplay.) a few scenes here.....


'Seven Short Stories for Dogs'
 - needs no explanation. a story here.....


Some Reviews:

..... the world John Problem's characters inhabit is depicted with real authority.....

....I liked the book because it's full of adventure and reminds me of Enid Blyton. I don't like Twin because he boasts a lot....

.......always a good sense of pace and refreshingly original.....

 .....a most unusual and competent style.....

.....the thing about John Problem's books is that there's no padding. I'm not desperately interested in the hero's taste in coffee or what time he woke up this morning. I just want to read a fast-moving, intelligent story..... 


For John Problem's books, on kindle and in paperback please visit your amazon site.

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