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Britain's Foreign Aid - Where Does It go?

U-Turn on Britain's Foreign Aid!

Westminster from the Inside - Commentary by 'Raddled'

And TODAY'S commentary........


Causes of World War One

Breakfast with Obama

Know Poland

Editorial from the Mogamba-Ogowe Times  & Herald


Bankers - Interview with Tom Ressencourt

Writers demand more pay


Astonishing New Drama -

A Morality Tale for our Time


Extract from the new thriller

'The Bankers' Assassin"


Just published:

John Problem's new thriller.

Reviewed as 'a fast-paced, brilliant fictional piece much in tune with current affairs'

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Also by John Problem:

'The Government's Top Salesman Tells All'

Reviewed as 'irreverent and very funny; cracking pace; a hilarious romp through a government gone wild; timely"

Extract here:

Entering Number Ten

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And also by John Problem

'The Search for Gabriella'

                                     An art mystery

Reviewed as: 'Hitchcock would have loved to direct this; keeps you hooked til the end; for anyone with a taste for history adventure and romance..'

Extracts here:

The Golden Chair Tavern, Venice 1470.

Gin Lane, London 1790

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