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This Is What Happens when

Britain Goes Bust. Get ready here:

SATAN reflects, "I finally killed off humanity. In 2017."     See how I did it:


TO BREXIT OR NOT TO BREXIT. That is the question.  Whether 'tis nobler in the mind.......         read more here


NEWS FLASH!  PM and Chancellor visiting secret Trident submarine...  Follow this now:


The British Government's Top Salesman Tells All!

His job is to sell off anything that can raise a big price for a government in desperate need of cash.  And build his bonus. 

Read how he does it, here...


By Popular Demand!

*The Bad News Panto*

Starring: Dodgy Dave, George Skint

and....Corb - the Plain Speaker

Act One, Scene One starts here:


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                      Books by John Problem

                         'The Bankers' Assassin'

      An International Thriller by John Problem

     Somebody is assassinating bankers and the law can't catch him.

                             read an excerpt here......


'The Search for Gabriella' 
 An art mystery set across time and place. an extract here.......


'The Fearless Four and the Messenger' 
 The four Fearless kids have lost their parents, but The Messenger is coming to help them.... an extract here....


'Disraeli's Gamble'
 The Abyssinian Emperor has imprisoned a British Consul.  Disraeli sends an army to rescue him - a true story.  (This is a screenplay.) a few scenes here.....


'Seven Short Stories for Dogs'
 - needs no explanation. a story here.....


Some Reviews:

..... the world John Problem's characters inhabit is depicted with real authority.....

....I liked the book because it's full of adventure and reminds me of Enid Blyton. I don't like Twin because he boasts a lot....

.......always a good sense of pace and refreshingly original.....

 .....a most unusual and competent style.....

.....the thing about John Problem's books is that there's no padding. I'm not desperately interested in the hero's taste in coffee or what time he woke up this morning. I just want to read a fast-moving, intelligent story..... 


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